The environmentally friendly SolarHybrid™ Light Tower is another simple solution from CLEANTEK.  


This patented, innovative design was built for the most challenging applications.


CLEANTEK Industries keeps our clients and friends across all industries competitive and productive by providing clean, yet cost-effective and friendly alternatives to operators.


*Canadian patent 2,851,391. US and foreign patents pending  

Another bright idea from CLEANTEK to help illuminate the future with energy-saving lighting!

"We implemented CleanTek* light towers on our project site and achieved immediate cost & noise reductions compared to the previous option." 

– Jason Elvy, Business Development Manager,  LEAR Construction


* Now SolarHybrid

SolarHybrid™ Light Tower Specifications
  • 80% reduced engine runtime, emissions, noise, and operational management

  • 80% fuel savings: Only 20-45 + day fuelling intervals!

  • State-of-the-art AGM deep-cycle battery array

  • Kubota diesel generator

  • High output LED lights 

  • Hardcoded solar-timer for auto lights on/off schedule –no user input needed

  • Fully automated system with simple 3-touch setup

  • Up to 16-hour battery backup lighting for guaranteed continuous illumination

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