The latest innovation  to come from CLEANTEK brings even greater benefits than its predecessor.

The second generation CLEANTEK SolarHybrid.Li™ LED Light Tower brings many powerful advancements to the original CLEANTEK solution.


This innovative design was built for use anywhere on the planet.


*Canadian patent 2,851,391. US and foreign patents pending  

SolarHybridLi™ Light Tower Specifications
  • 95% reduced engine runtime, emissions, noise, and operational management

  • 95% fuel savings: Only 40-120+ day fueling intervals!

  • State-of-the-art Lithium ion battery array

  • Kubota diesel generator

  • High output LED lights designed and manufactured by CLEANTEK

  • FindMe™ Feature: Auto locates itself and updates lighting schedule daily

  • SolarPriority™ Feature: Delivers AC power directly from the sun

  • Up to 16-hour battery illumination back-up lighting for guaranteed continuous 


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