Horizon Oilfield Solutions Announces Help To Fort McMurray

The Daily Oil Bulletin shares Horizon Oilfield Solutions story of commitment to Fort McMurray fire relief efforts.

Jesse Curlett, VP of operations at Horizon Oilfield Solutions Inc. (HOS), left the company's Calgary offices on Saturday, May 7, and headed up to Fort McMurray.

With trucks, CleanTek Solar-Hybrid Light Towers and emergency supplies, he and a small crew are ready to provide help and assistance wherever needed.

The HOS team has provided CleanTek Solar-Hybrid Light Towers to a fueling station, set up by the Government of Alberta. These stations were providing free fuel for everyone heading South of Fort McMurray. This area did not have grid power so the CleanTek Solar-Hybrid Light Towers were powering the command center and providing light.

During the evening of May 8, carrying through to the morning of May 9, the HOS crew was also working with the local municipality to distribute drinking water along Highway 63.

Additionally, HOS has provided the RCMP with CleanTek Solar-Hybrid Light Towers to use as their main light source at different road blocks they’ve set up along Highway 63.


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