Horizon Oilfield Solutions Announces Help To Fort McMurray

CALGARY, Alberta--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jesse Curlett, VP of Operations at Horizon Oilfield Solutions Inc. (HOS), left the company's Calgary offices on Saturday, May 7, and headed up to Fort McMurray. With trucks, CleanTek™ Solar-Hybrid Light Towers and emergency supplies, he and a small crew are ready to provide help and assistance wherever needed.

The HOS team has provided CleanTek™ Solar-Hybrid Light Towers to a fueling station, set up by the Government of Alberta. These stations were providing free fuel for everyone heading South of Fort McMurray. This area did not have grid power so the CleanTek™ Solar-Hybrid Light Towers were powering the command center AND providing light.

During the evening of May 8, carrying through to the morning of May 9, the HOS crew was also working with the local municipality to distribute drinking water along Highway 63.

Additionally, HOS has provided the RCMP with CleanTek™ Solar-Hybrid Light Towers to use as their main light source at different road blocks they’ve set up along Highway 63.

In regards to inventory, we currently have the following to provide relief aid:

CleanTek™: We have a stand-alone Solar-Hybrid mobile light tower that is fully automated, requires no maintenance and minimal fuel. Our CleanTek™ Solar-Hybrid Light Towers are designed and manufactured in Calgary and are used on projects all over Western Canada, wherever remote lighting is required. We have a large fleet at our disposal, which can be deployed as street light replacement or remote field lighting. Each CleanTek™ is equipped with two 220 Volt 30 amp and two 120 Volt 20 amp receptacles to provide auxiliary power when needed. The key features of this patented technology allow you to realize substantial fuel savings and the automation eliminates the need for attention from your disaster recovery personnel.

The units have 8 large solar panels, a battery array, a charge controller and a 15KW Kubota generator for additional support. During the summer months, you can go up to 12 weeks on a single tank of diesel fuel (290 litres). The units require no supervision and we are able to monitor their daily performance through GPS and handle any issues should they arise without losing any light. The CleanTek™ Solar-Hybrid Light Towers are extremely robust and are built to withstand the harsh conditions of any application. We make our own LED lights in house and they are the brightest in the industry.

Fluid hauling trucks: We also have a fleet of tank trucks available (35,000 L) to support any fluid movement requirements.

Heavy Equipment Transport: We have a variety of tractor and tractor/trailer set-ups to assist if necessary.


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