The HALOᵀᴹ crown-mounted lighting system (HCM) is a combination of patented and patent-pending technology that provides a new alternative to lease lighting.


Unsurpassed light quality, distributed everywhere you need it, without the need to spend valuable time managing multiple light towers.


This new lightweight system incorporates the brightest LED lights on the market made in house, with new mounting technology that allows for simple rig in and out without the need for a crane. With 1.1MM lumens, HALOᵀᴹ is lighting the way to goal ZERO!


Patent Numbers: US D757,343 and US 9,316,390; Canadian 2,928,251; Foreign and Additional Patents Pending.

CLEANTEK is lighting the way with HALOᵀᴹ crown mounted lighting. The brightest alternative to lease lighting.

  • Provides the light of 10+ conventional towers

  • Decreased diesel consumption as unit configures to on-site power

  • Single piece of equipment decreases costs associated with moving multiple loads

  • No manpower required to operate/maintain light towers

  • Elimination of all emissions due to conventional light towers

  • Designed to API 4F standards​

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HALO™ Crown-Mounted Lighting

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