Our Equipment

ZeroE™  Dehydration Technology

ZeroE™ is a combination of patented and patent pending water reduction technologies that dehydrates wastewater at the point of creation. It harnesses the waste heat from engine exhaust to facilitate the evaporation of clean dry steam to the atmosphere of up to 20m³* per day.

HALO™ Crown-Mounted Lighting System

The HALOᵀᴹ crown-mounted lighting system (HCM) is a combination of patented and patent-pending technology that provides a new alternative to lease lighting. Unsurpassed light quality, distributed everywhere you need it, without the need to spend valuable time managing multiple light towers.

SolarHybrid.Li™ = Engine + Solar + Lithium Ion Batteries + LED Lights

The SolarHybrid.Li™ is a substantial step-change in the industry. Lithium-ion batteries are incorporated along with state-of-the-art LED lights (designed and manufactured in-house), custom designed circuit boards and sophisticated energy management software. The result is a product that can save over 95% of fuel consumption, operating cost, CO2 emissions and noise pollution, when compared to other light towers.

SolarHybridᵀᴹ = Engine + Solar + Batteries + LED Lights

CLEANTEK Industries is proud to have developed the first and original SolarHybrid™ light tower which saves up to 80% of fuel and operating cost when compared to any traditional light tower.

CleanSteam™ Wastewater Dehydrator

​CleanSteam™ technology substantially reduces high-cost disposal and other environmental problems associated with large volumes of wastewater.


With patents in Canada, Russia, UK and pending in many other countries, the CleanSteam™ provides customers in O&G, Construction, Mining, and Wastewater a mobile method of reducing large water volumes by separating pure water and sending it to the atmosphere.

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