Green Technology from CLEANTEK

Innovation: There's no comparison


The CLEANTEK CleanSteam™ Wastewater Dehydrator is making huge strides in solving waste disposal challenges and providing an environmentally conscious solution.  


We’re proud of our track record of not only finding simple solutions to protect and preserve the environment but also ensuring all our solutions are value added for operators.


*Canadian patent 2,751,895. US and foreign patents pending

"We have just never had a solution like this before."


  • 90% wastewater volume reduction

  • 90% less transport expense: trucking, fuel, emissions

  • Recycles water to hydrological cycle

  • Re-concentrate Brine

  • Mobile solution for point-of-creation water management

  • Full capacity vaporization within seconds

  • No filtering or pre-treatment required

  • GPS monitored


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