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"Horizon Oilfield Solutions* embodies the entrepreneurialism and innovation that is required in Alberta’s energy sector today and in the future.” – Mary Moran, President and Chief Executive Officer, Calgary Economic Development


* Now CLEANTEK Industries



CLEANTEK Industries, formerly Horizon Oilfield Solutions, was established in 2009 as a privately held oilfield service company in Western Canada. The CLEANTEK  team specializes in imagining, developing, patenting, manufacturing and marketing technology-based equipment and solutions that substantially reduce operational cost, manpower requirements and carbon footprint when compared to any other product or service in its category. 


Global Markets:

Through exceptional hard work, perseverance and an impeccable commitment to quality of service, CLEANTEK has grown into a highly reputable and esteemed brand. With founders born and raised in Texas, and roots Canada strong, the company is now marketing its products to all industrial sectors, worldwide.


Patented Technology:

Over the past 7 years, CLEANTEK has developed and launched products focused on two categories: wastewater management and solar-hybrid lighting and power for off-grid applications. 


Both wastewater dehydration technologies, the CleanSteam™ and ZeroE™, use hot combustion gas to separate the pure water within wastewater and release the clean water vapor to the atmosphere along with cooled, cleaned combustion gas. This patented process consolidates the wastewater contaminants into a much smaller concentrate volume so fluid hauling, disposal, and injection are minimized. These technologies not only reduce customer expense and logisticsthey also reduce the impact larger volumes of wastewater have on the environment. 


Another significant technology is the SolarHybrid™ Light Tower. The launch of the second generation SolarHybrid.Li™ is a substantial step-change in the industry. Lithium-ion batteries (the same ones used in many cell phones and gaining traction in the auto industry) are incorporated along with state-of-the-art LED lights (designed and manufactured in-house), custom designed circuit boards and sophisticated energy management software.


The result is a product that can save over 95% of fuel consumption, operating cost, CO₂ emissions, and noise pollution when compared to other light towers.


Distributor Opportunities:

CLEANTEK Industries is currently accepting applications for distributors for its SolarHybrid.Li™ product line. If you are interested, click here to submit your information. Once the information is received, someone will contact you for further discussion. 


CLEANTEK Industries already has the successful future of your company and global energy in our sights.

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